Writings from 1980

  • “War is the Health of the State,” chapter 14 of A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn – Editor’s Note: The book can be purchased from several books sellers but is also available in an online-only version that was said to be authorized by the author (but not the publishing company) before his death.

    Excerpt: In Oklahoma, the Socialist party and the IWW had been active among tenant farmers -and sharecroppers who formed a “Working Class Union.” At a mass meeting of the Union, plans were made to destroy a railroad bridge and cut telegraph wires in order to block military enlistments. A march on Washington was planned for draft objectors throughout the country. (This was called the Green Corn Rebellion because they planned to eat green corn on their march.) Before the Union could carry out its plans, its members were rounded up and arrested, and soon 450 individuals accused of rebellion were in the state penitentiary. Leaders were given three to ten years in jail, others sixty days to two years.