Writings from 2011

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  • “The Green Corn Rebellion-Part 1” by Herbert Friend from the Holdenville TribuneEditor’s note: I have not been able to find part 2 of this essay.

    Excerpt: The activities of the organizers resisters were highly secretive. Their directions were contained in a small book, “a black book” which each leader carried. One of these guide books was taken from an organizer who was captured by a posse. In his trial, along with other WCU members, it was revealed that “. . .what is called secret instructions used by WCU leaders in organizing the association for rebellion against the government” were contained in the black book. The instructions were for trusted members of the local groups to copy and to be given by word of mouth to the other members.

    The following two quotes from the book reveal the nature of the contents of the book.

    “We know this war was a war brought on by Wall Street and we poor devils have got to fight it. Therefore, we have and will continue to organize under the title of WCU until our membership is great enough to protect us from going to Europe. We will stand by each and every one of the WCU members from arrest by federal, state or county officers in the following manner: (Here follows seven lines of X’s.)” The X’s represent secret information known only to the leaders.

    “War is hell, and we are not going to hell. How are we going to resist going, (Five lines of X’s.)”

    “We and our families are going to live while we stay out of war: (Five lines of X’s).

    We must organize sufficiently to resist going in the following way: (Six lines of X’s).

    We must keep our membership cards hid.”